Thankgiving Day in GIFs

26 Nov

Thanksgiving is all about emotions, from showing your thankfulness for all the wonderful things that have happened in the past year to arguing with family over basically nothing. But whatever your tradition is on Thanksgiving, there’s definitely a familiar pattern most of us food lovers will find on Thanksgiving day. So here you have it, explained in GIF’s.


You go into Thanksgiving knowing that you’re going to be stuffed. So when you arrive to your family’s house hungry, there’s a problem.

Food Gifs (5)


Once you sit down at the table, it’s all about wanting to get that first bite of the stuffing/turkey/cranberry sauce. Bring it on.



Some of us even consider our diets and thinking about what we should and should not avoid eating. But in the end, we really don’t care.



Once you’re in the eating zone, don’t look up. Chances are, you’re sitting across from that one family member who totally eats like a bird and pretends they’re just sooooooooo full. I’m on to you. We are ALL on to you.



But you’re smarter than that. And you’re going to keep your eye on the prize – getting through dinner and making your way to the pie.



Your main goal at this point? Get as much food into your mouth as possible in the shortest period of time.



So you keep eating, and you even have a second helping of that creamy green bean casserole. And then, you hit your wall.



Sure, there’s pain, but there’s also pie. So much pie. Naturally, you keep eating.



And then, all your hard work pays off, and you and that pie have a moment before you dive in.



And then, your body turns off, and you sleep. Because really, what else are you going to do after you’re done eating on Thanksgiving?


Happy Thanksgiving Food Fanatics! Xoxo

Pies Galore at Healthy Living Market

25 Nov

Looking for a shortcut around one of the 12 dishes you’ve promised to make for Thanksgiving dinner? In that case, let’s talk pie.

Pie is the one part of Thanksgiving dinner that’s always a challenge to get to, but once you do, you slip into a deep deep food coma and can then sleep away the fullness from the day.

I love pie. I love pie in all shapes and sizes. And so do the folks at Healthy Living Market.


That’s why when they asked me to come by for a little party with pie and sparkling wine, I could not even fathom saying no.

First, the sparkling wine.

Healthy Living Market has their oh-so-convenient wine shop attached to the entrance of the store, which makes this market truly a one stop shopping experience for all of your holiday dining needs.

sparking wine

From sparkling wines to spirits and liquors, this store has it all.

Aside from the booze, which is a must at most Thanksgiving dinners, the pie is the most important feature to a spectacular Thanksgiving. But not everyone has time to make pie, and many of us don’t like the idea of buying a frozen pie and thawing it out for the whole family to see on Thanksgiving.

The solution? Buy your pie from the wonderful bakery at Healthy Living Market.

They’re fresh, they’re totally delicious, and they have so many varieties that you’ll be sure to find something that will please the entire family.

I mean, look at these…


pumpkin and apple

There’s only two days until Thanksgiving, so if you’re still in need of a pie or desserts and feel like saving a ton of time, get your butt over to Healthy Living Market and get yourself some deliciously made bakery items! Your guests will thank you.

Restaurant Review: Brunch at Max London’s

21 Nov

If you didn’t know this already, brunch is one of my favorite meals. I mean, how could it not be?

You get to eat breakfast foods OR lunch foods OR both, alongside a bloody mary or mimosa.

It’s a win win.

Max London’s has always been one of my top spots for brunch, and when I found out that they hired a new brunch chef a month or so back, I knew I had to get myself in there and test out some of the new specials.

Chef Steve Morgan has had quite the background in the local restaurant scene, previously working at Prime at Saratoga National as well as most recently working under Chef David Gibson at Creo in Albany.

Now back in Saratoga, Chef Morgan has added a flair of creativity to the brunch menu in Saratoga, with twists on traditional brunch favorites like eggs benedict as well as some ethnic dishes like the bahn mi sandwich.

As I sat down in the always comfortable Max London’s, I peered over the menu with dismay, contemplating whether I wanted to try the BLT Eggs Benedict, a classic eggs benedict with the addition of bacon, sauteed spinach, tomato slices, and an avocado hollandaise or the bahn mi sandwich.

It was noon, so I was struggling back and forth between breakfast or lunch. So instead of choosing, I decided to be a fatty and order both. Because, why not?

above shot brunch

First up, the eggs benedict.

Eggs Benedict

On the famous Max London’s/Mrs. London’s farm toast, this was a refreshing and creative take on the traditional brunch dish. The tomatoes and sauteed spinach were bright and colorful, and the avocado hollandaise was creamy and delightful. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly with a bright yellow stream of yolk debuting once I poked my fork through, and the crunchy, salty bacon added a final crunch that made up the perfect bite.

The star of this dish for me was really that avocado hollandaise. Wow was that good. So light and yet so creamy, with a mild avocado flavor.

I personally love the contrast in textures in this dish, with the crunchy farm bread and crisp bacon alongside the soft poached egg, sauteed spinach and buttery hollandaise. Yes, yes, and yes. If I had any recommendation, it would be the final addition of a sprinkle of kosher salt on top, which I think could have elevated the flavors just slightly.

On the other side of my plate sat the beautiful bahn mi sandwich.

Bahn Mi

Crunchy baguette, crisp lettuce, sweet and spicy pulled pork, pickled carrots, topped with bread and butter pickles, cilantro, and a chili mayonnaise.


The baguette, while hard to bite into, once you do, is magical. The sweetness and spiciness worked well together to create a bite of heat, followed by a nice kick of sweetness.

While it’s not traditional to have actual pickles on a bahn mi sandwich, I didn’t mind them one bit. In fact, I thought they added such a unique and wonderful flavor that I think I will from now on crave that slight sweetness on this classic Vietnamese sandwich.

At the end of my meal, I was full to say the least, but impressed and satisfied for certain.

Don’t be afraid to go order new things, because I promise they’ll pay off. Especially if you’re ordering brunch at Max London’s.

Get a bloody mary while you’re at it. It’s one of the best in town.

Happy brunching!

Hillrock Distillery Tasting at Max London’s

19 Nov

Love bourbon, rye and whiskey?

Do you enjoy eating pizza with toppings like braised short ribs, smoked apricots, and garlic cream sauce?

Are you the type of person who likes to celebrate the weekend?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, you should probably head on over to Max London’s this Saturday for the Hillrock Distillery and Max London Pairing from 5-9pm.

Here are some details:

It costs only $20 for a tasting flight of Hillrock’s Solera aged Bourbon, Single Malt and Double Cask Rye Whisky + a ┬áhand crafted Hillrock Special Cocktail. In addition to this, you’ll also get a personal pizza prepared by Chef Zach, topped with house braised beef shortribs, roasted leeks, smoked apricots, cheddar cheese + almond and garlic cream sauce.

To learn more about this event and how you can attend, visit their website here: